Mold Mitigation Services in Washington, MO

Carpet Cleaning Service Washington MOMold can be a big issue for many reasons.  Homes in humid climates, rainy climates and so on, are susceptible to mold. Mold can cause a whole host of health issues from allergies to breathing issues, or worse. Cleaned By Premiere specializes in mold mitigation and cleanup. Our services are guaranteed and top notch. We are sure to help you with your mold issue promptly and efficiently. Mold can arise as a result of:

  • Heavy Rain: Heavy rain can not only cause flooding, but it can cause water to seep into the walls of your home, get into your ceiling or attic and so on. Cleaned be premier are the experts that know where to look in you have mold issues due to heavy rain and can formulate an action plan to resolve the issue and prevent it from happening again.
  • Drain Back Up: Drain backups are a huge issue and can result from a clogged water line or more, back pressure from a septic system. We specialize in not only finding what has caused the issue but can eliminate the caused problem due to this issue.
  • Humidity: Humidity can be heavy. Humidity is the amount of moisture that is in the air and can confidence in certain areas throughout the home. Humidity can cause mold if the problem area never gets dry or has an opportunity to get dry. Our experts can identify the problem area and also find potential problem areas that can be addressed to prevent future issues.

Mold in Washington, MO does not have to be a major problem for your family or your business. With the help of Premier Carpet Care & Water Damage Restoration, you can enjoy beautiful, professionally cleaned and maintained flooring and more for years to come. Call us at 636-221-2040 to learn more about this and other services we offer!