Tips for Avoiding Water Damage in the Winter

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The season for winter storms is rapidly approaching, which means that many people’s homes are extra susceptible to water damage. During the cooler months, extra water in the form of ice, snow and condensation can facilitate mold growth on your home’s carpeting, and frozen pipe bursts may result in flooding that causes serious amounts of water damage. Learning how to prevent water damage from occurring in the first place, or knowing how you can minimize its overall impacts, can help you save money and keep your home’s flooring in good shape.

If your home has already suffered from water damage, you should contract the services of a company specializing in water damage restoration in Union, MO. Water damage, if left untreated, can permanently damage your flooring and facilitate the growth of mold and other dangerous pathogens.

Preventing damage

The best way to address water damage in your home is to simply prevent it from happening in the first place! There are a number of steps that you can take in the wintertime to minimize your risk of suffering from water damage, including:

  • Insulate pipes: If there are exposed pipes in areas such as basements, attached garages or unheated crawlspaces, you should ensure that they are insulated so as to minimize their risk of freezing and bursting.
  • Open the cabinets: Leave your cabinetry open during cold weather events so that warm air can circulate through them. This will help your home’s heating system to keep your pipes from freezing.
  • Keep a drip: You should also let your faucets drip a little bit during snaps of extreme cold. If it is bitterly cold outside, keeping consistent movement throughout your home’s plumbing system will help you mitigate the risk of a pipe bursting.

Addressing damage

If you have already experienced water damage in your home, there a number of steps that you should immediately take to minimize the damage caused to your flooring and to mitigate the potential health risks:

  • Mop up the water: The first thing that you should do after a water damage event is remove all of the visible liquid from the site of impact. Use towels and other absorbent cloths.
  • Circulate air: Get your fans, space heaters and other air circulators out, and put them to work! You should begin circulating air around the impact site as soon as all of the water has been removed.
  • Call for help: You should call for professional help with your water damage restoration in Union, MO as soon as possible. The longer your water-damaged area is exposed to liquid, the more likely it is to become a serious problem.

For more than a decade, Premier Carpet Care & Water Damage Restoration has been providing high-quality water damage restoration in Union, MO. If your home has suffered water damage, you should treat it immediately so as to prevent the spread of mold and other potentially dangerous pathogens. We are here to help you keep your home a safe and enjoyable space. If you are in need of professional assistance preserving your flooring after a water damage event, you should reach out to one of our highly qualified professionals as soon as possible. Our knowledgeable team can assist you with a wide range of tasks.

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