Remove Red Wine Stains from Your Carpet with Tips from a Carpet Cleaning Company in Washington, MO

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Here’s a set-in-stone truth: If you have carpeted flooring in your home and someone is drinking a glass of red wine, there’s a high probability that the universe will make sure the two meet. It could be just a few small drops from clumsy folks teetering around with wine in hand. It might be an entire glass knocked off the table. It’s also not unheard of for broken glass to be mixed in with the wine spill.

Whether you regularly host parties at your home and serve wine, or you yourself are a regular red wine enthusiast, the best thing you can do for your carpets is to know what to do to in the event of a spill. Let’s ask an experienced carpet cleaning company in Washington, MO about red wine stains on carpet, why it stains and how to remove them.

Why red wine stains easily

Because red wine stains easily and will set in if left to soak into a carpet, you want to take care of a spill as soon as possible. Sure, you could wait until the next morning, but it might not come out all the way, or at all. Why is this the case? First, most fibers are extremely porous. So when liquid gets onto typical carpet fibers, they marry fast. Basically, the color of red wine is natural, meaning a spill will dye carpet fibers. Spilled wine goes down into fibers and spreads out to all the fiber pores it can reach. Here’s a closer look at how to remove wine stains:

  • Blot immediately: Use a clean white cloth to blot up the stain as best you can. Use both sides of the cloth, and use another fresh cloth if needed.
  • Add a bit of water: After you’ve blotted, pour a very small amount of water onto the stain and blot some more. The water dilutes the red wine to make blotting easier, but add too much and the red wine could spread further. Continue adding a little bit of water at a time and blot using fresh dry cloths.
  • Make a baking soda paste: Mix together a 3-to-1 ratio of baking soda to water. Mix until it forms a paste and apply it to the stain. Wait for it to dry completely, and then vacuum it up.
  • Use a carpet stain remover: The stubbornness of the stain often depends on the boldness of the red wine. This means the stain may still remain even after blotting and applying a baking soda paste. But don’t give up! Try a carpet stain remover, making sure to follow the instructions on the container.

So, you’ve done your best to remove a seriously bad red wine carpet stain. You blotted, followed proper cleaning methods and even repeated the process a few times. If the stain is still there or is not coming out completely, call the team at Premier Carpet Care & Water Damage Restoration immediately. We are the best carpet cleaning company in Washington, MO and are ready to save your carpet today!

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