It’s Back to School Time! Five Reasons to Hire Premier for Professional Carpet Cleaning in Washington, MO

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It has been a long summer break with your kids home from school. They probably did a lot of running in and out of the house, never took their shoes off at the door and their playtime stirred up a ton of dust. Now that they are back at school, you can see just how disheveled and dirty your carpets are, and it’s not pretty! Of course you vacuum regularly, but a household vacuum cleaner can only pull up so much dirt and grime from carpet fibers.

Luckily for you, residential professional carpet cleaning services exist. Do you think your carpet can benefit from a serious deep cleaning? Here are five reasons to hire Premier Carpet Care & Water Damage Restoration for back-to-school carpet cleaning in Washington, MO:

  • The kids won’t be in the way: It’s much easier to get chores done with the kids out of the way. Because they are back in the classroom, you won’t have to take them to a friend’s house for the day while the carpet cleaners do their job. Remember, there’s also drying time—the carpet should not be walked on until it is completely dry.
  • Clean away summer vacation grime: Between constant foot traffic, dirty shoes and feet and packs of youngsters over for play dates, your kids being home for summer vacation likely took a toll on your carpets. To keep carpet fibers from wearing too soon and to avoid permanent stains, schedule a professional carpet cleaning to remove summer vacation grime.
  • Make the indoor environment healthy again: Did you know that dust and other particles in carpet fibers contribute an unhealthy living environment? Near the end of summer is a great time to have your carpets deep cleaned. This ensures the removal of prime summertime allergens—like pollen, dust, pet hair, pet dander, mold and airborne bacteria—so you and your family can breathe healthy indoor air.
  • Rejuvenate your carpet in time for the holidays: Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner. Take back-to-school as a sign to get ahead of the holiday hosting season by scheduling an appointment with a professional carpet cleaning service to make your carpets like new again.
  • Get ready for the new year: If you are someone who feels great about having done housecleaning over the weekend to ensure a clean start to the week, then you will appreciate the idea of getting a head start on the new year. By the time the new year comes, your kids will not have had enough time to get the carpets totally messed up and grimy again.

Is it time to freshen up your carpets? Do it now while the kids are back in school! For a thorough carpet cleaning in Washington, MO that will last until next summer, consider hiring a professional. Leave all your tough carpet cleaning needs in the capable hands of Premier Carpet Care & Water Damage Restoration. We have the experience and all the top-quality carpet cleaning equipment necessary to get the job done right!

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