Why Is Water Damage So Important to Clean Thoroughly?

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Water damage in homes can be caused by a number of unfortunate circumstances, but it’s equally devastating regardless of its source. If you have been the victim of flooding, leaking pipes or a household appliance failure, the use of a qualified water damage restoration service is an essential step for you to get your home back in prime condition.

Mold is one of the most destructive byproducts of water damage in the home. It’s important to understand how this dangerous growth can affect your house and your health before determining how to best proceed with hiring a water damage restoration service in Washington, MO.

Damage to homes

Homes that are in need of water damage restoration are extremely vulnerable to mold growth. Most molds eat cellulose, which comprises woods, papers and most other building materials.

The presence of mold on wood, if left untreated, will result in wood rot that can damage your home’s structural integrity. Additionally, paper is much easier for mold to digest, and wallpaper and similar substances can be eaten through by mold in a matter of mere days. Drywall is also composed of cellulose, making it similarly vulnerable to damage from mold.

Homes with extensive mold problems face several expensive treatment options. Once building materials are infected with a living mold colony, they often must be removed from the home if it is to ever be truly “mold free.” Procuring water damage restoration before mold has the opportunity to grow is by far the most cost-effective option.

Both older and newer home constructions are susceptible to mold growth, even if you think that the water damage that you have experienced is not that severe. Newer homes in particular are built to lock out the elements in order to increase energy efficiency. Unfortunately, this often means that water is trapped in places where mold can flourish.

Health hazards

The structural integrity of your home isn’t the only thing that can be damaged by mold growth. Many types of mold come with adverse health effects, and exposure to others is downright toxic. If you live with children or elderly adults, it’s especially important to identify any potential sources for mold growth and eliminate them before they make you or your loved ones ill.

Mycotoxins, which are released when mold colonies spore, are responsible for a host of human ailments if left untreated. Long-term exposure in the home to mold, both toxic and nontoxic, is detrimental to health.

Most typically, mold exposure will result in cold- or flu-like symptoms, such as inflamed lymph nodes, an irritated throat, excessive sneezing and a dry cough. Some mold species, however, release neurotoxic spores that can affect mood, cause hallucinations and impair cognitive function.

Even molds that may not be exclusively toxic can exacerbate conditions such as asthma. Scientists and doctors report that nearly a third of the population also suffers from mold allergies.

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