Getting Water Damage Restoration Service in Washington, MO

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One of the worst things to deal with as a homeowner is water damage to your home. From flooded carpets to moldy ceilings, water damage can occur in any home for any number of reasons. Whether you have a flash flood or a leaky pipe to blame, your first concern when you encounter water damage in your home is finding a provider of restoration services. By acting quickly and taking the right steps after your home suffers water damage, you can minimize harm to your home and possessions and get your living spaces back to normal quickly and efficiently.

Water damage restoration process

Once you make that initial call to a water damage restoration service in Washington, MO, you might be wondering what to expect from the process. Most of the time it is a fairly straightforward course of action that is most successful when you contact professionals as soon as possible. When it comes to water damage, a slow response time will only serve to exacerbate the problem and can lead to even more extensive damage in your home. Here’s what to expect from the process:

  • Inspection: Before any restoration can be done, an inspection will need to be performed to determine the extent of the damage. Once a professional has inspected the damage to your home, they will be able to ascertain the degree of damage to your floors and furnishings and plan the restoration process.
  • Water removal: Before your home can be fully restored after water damage, the water must be removed from the space. This removal process is done with pumps and vacuums that are designed for the purpose of water removal.
  • Drying: Once all of the standing water has been removed, the drying and dehumidification process begins. Since all of the leftover moisture must be completely removed, this process can take some time.
  • Cleaning: After everything has been dried, your carpets, floors, upholstery and other furnishings must be completely cleaned to prevent the growth of any mold, mildew or bacteria. During the cleaning process, air scrubbers may also be used in order to remove bacteria and mildew from the air.
  • Restoration: The restoration of your space is the last step of the process. During restoration, any material such as drywall or insulation that was damaged must be replaced accordingly. The extent of restoration and replacement is entirely dependent on the degree of water damage in your home, so it will vary depending on the situation.

Water damage restoration service in Washington, MO

The key to effective restoration after water damage in your home is selecting the right company for the job. When you choose Premier Carpet Care & Water Damage Restoration, you are choosing a team of professionals with years of experience providing the best possible service and care to our customers and their homes. In the unfortunate event that your floors and furnishings are damaged by leaky pipes, broken seals and other common issues that can plague homeowners with water damage, simply give us a call for assistance in getting your home back to normal.

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