Remove Tough Stains for Good with Professional Carpet Cleaning in Washington, MO

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Pets, active children or an active outdoor lifestyle often wreak havoc on carpet. Tough stains emerge, especially with pet accidents, and there is a point where your household methods no longer help. Professional carpet cleaning in Washington, MO is the best way to address these stains. Here are six reasons why this is worth the investment:

  • Type of carpet considered: Cleaning methods that work well with synthetic carpet fibers will not be effective for wool. In fact, they may even cause extensive damage. Professionals know how to adjust cleaning methods to the type of carpet in your home. This helps remove stains without compromising carpet quality.
  • Save time: You may feel like you save money renting or buying your own carpet cleaner, but you will likely waste a weekend on the task, too. Also, the carpet cleaners you rent and buy do not always have all the attachments that allow you to get to tight spots where pet stains could be hiding. Hiring professional cleaners allows you to focus on other important things while they make effective work of cleaning carpets and removing stains. You save time and enjoy a better cleaning job.
  • Sanitization: Most home carpet cleaners and rented equipment do not have a sanitizing system. This helps them remove dirt, but dust mites and bacteria remain. Now that your carpet is wet and air drying, these critters may even thrive! When professionals clean your carpet, they also sanitize so your carpet is cleaner and healthier.
  • Stain removal knowledge: Stains like wine and coffee are notoriously hard to remove. If you are a pet owner, accidents happen, and it is not uncommon to smell urine continuously even after you believe you cleaned it up thoroughly. Your carpet cleaners know how to address these stains and can even employ measures to specifically fight against pet stains. There is a science to stain removal, and many household products are inadequate to address them.
  • Moisture control: Techniques used in carpet cleaning once created too much moisture in carpets. This facilitated slow drying and even mold growth. While professional carpet cleaners learned to reduce this possibility, many types of consumer and rented carpet cleaning equipment still leave carpets too wet. Many times, it is up to the operator to assure thorough drying, which is difficult to do when you have other things you need to accomplish that day. If a thorough cleaning leaves carpets extra wet, your carpet cleaning professionals have access to dryers and other equipment to accelerate drying.
  • Physical exertion: Homeowners who break a sweat vacuuming their carpets will find carpet shampooing unbearable. Carpet cleaners, even those made for consumers, are large and heavy. Not only do you need to push them around to shampoo your carpet, but you often need to take another round to dry the carpet. You may have to do this multiple times if your stains are bad enough. This is a difficult job to do by yourself, especially if you are limited on time. Let us do the heavy work for you!

For thorough and effective professional carpet cleaning in Washington, MO, call Premier Carpet Care & Water Damage Restoration today.

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