Avoid Any Carpet Cleaning Service in Washington, MO That Uses Harsh Chemicals

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Some companies that provide carpet cleaning service in Washington, MO rely on harsh chemicals to clean carpets in an effort to find something that is powerful enough to do the best job in removing tough stains. But while these chemicals are treating these stains, they could also be doing a lot of harm to your carpet. Here is just some of the damage that both your carpet and your health could experience if the use of harsh chemicals is not avoided.

Severe carpet damage

There are some chemicals that use specialized dyes in order to lift the color of the stain from your carpet, but this process could also be stripping your carpet of its actual coloring as well, and some areas could even begin to yellow over time. If the particular solution being used to clean your carpet has a high pH level and is exceedingly acidic, irreversible damage could be done to the carpet fibers, and the effectiveness of future cleaning treatments could potentially be nullified.

The other major problem these chemicals present is the amount of residue that they leave behind. It is often very difficult to remove all traces of these powerful chemicals after the treatment is finished, and this excess residue could lead to several different problems. The remaining residue could start to harden if not removed properly, leaving rigid, crunchy spots throughout your carpeting. These spots resemble the unsightly blemishes that are left behind when gum gets stuck in your carpet, and they are very similarly difficult to remove safely. In addition, these hardened areas will also be susceptible to accelerated re-soiling, and the future stains that occur over these areas will be twice as challenging to remove.

Harmful to your family’s health

It is also possible that this chemical residue could be doing harm to the health of you and your family members. If these chemicals have the ability to alter the composition of carpet fibers, imagine the amount of irritation they could cause to your breathing and your skin, especially for children or family pets that spend so much time playing and resting near the carpet daily. The strong aroma these chemicals emit could also cause dizziness and headaches, and could exacerbate symptoms for someone who is already struggling with a respiratory illness.

It is important to know what types of chemicals are being used to clean your carpet, because they could lead to serious long-term damage while affecting the overall quality of your investment. In order to dodge these pitfalls, you will need to secure carpet cleaning service in Washington, MO from a company that has the expertise, equipment and unique techniques to get the job done. With over 10 years of experience in the business, you can trust the knowledgeable staff at Premier Carpet Care & Water Damage Restoration to take care of all your carpet cleaning needs, while also protecting the health and integrity of your carpet. Make sure you give us a call right away to learn more about the services we have to offer.

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