Nine Steps a Carpet Cleaning Service in Washington, MO Will Use to Ensure a Clean Carpet

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Professional carpet cleaning is like a lot of things in life: if the job isn’t done correctly, it’s really not worth doing at all. An improper carpet cleaning job will only waste your time and money. There are several steps a reputable carpet cleaning service in Washington, MO will take to ensure a perfectly clean carpet:

  • Pre-inspection: After you’ve given us a call and scheduled a convenient time for our technicians to clean your home, we’ll send one of our carpet cleaning professionals out to your home for an inspection. He or she will walk through your carpeted areas with you and identify the types of carpet stains and whether or not some stains will be able to be removed.
  • Pre-vacuum: The next step in the process is vacuuming your carpet with an industrial-sized vacuum. Our powerful equipment will suck up any dry soil that’s been ground into the carpeting over time. A good pre-vacuuming job helps ensure that we get your carpet as clean as possible.
  • Furniture moving: Sofas, chairs, tables and other mobile pieces of furniture will be carefully moved from the carpeting so we don’t miss anything during cleaning. Larger pieces, like beds and cabinets, will usually be left in place.
  • Pre-spray: Certain areas of your carpeting that appear to have a lot of staining are sprayed with a special solution that will help lift them during the extracting and rinsing process.
  • Pre-agitate: The pre-vacuuming and pre-spray that first loosened the soil will be further assisted with this step. We will meticulously run over your carpet with our groomer or rotary cleaning machine to loosen even more soil than before.
  • Extract and rinse: The real cleaning begins now that everything is all loosened up. Sure, we could probably just go through again with a vacuum and remove all the loose soil, but that won’t get the job done properly. We’ll use hot water (between 180 and 190 degrees) to flush the carpet. Our professionals closely monitor the level of water that’s used so your carpet isn’t saturated. An oversaturated carpet will only cause more problems in the long run.
  • Post-spot treatment: If there are any stains that the previous step didn’t remove, one of our technicians may be able to lift them with a post-spot treatment. However, a positive outcome isn’t likely if the technician noted that the spot may be permanent during the initial walkthrough.
  • Speed dry: Once any post-spot treatment has been applied, we’ll use heavy-duty air blowers to get any remaining moisture out of the carpet. What’s the point in having a wet carpet?
  • Post-inspection: Before the day is done, our technician will walk through your house with you one last time to inspect his work to ensure that you’re happy with the outcome.

Make sure you’re hiring a quality carpet cleaning service in Washington, MO to get the job done right the first time. At Premier Carpet Care & Water Damage Restoration, we guarantee perfection in all of our work. Give us a call next time your carpets look a little dingy and could use some professional help!

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