Understanding the Value of Toilet Overflow Service in Union, MO

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When toilets misbehave, it is inconvenient and often smelly. If this occurs with any regularity or if you have a major event, retaining our toilet overflow service in Union, MO will restore sanity and hygiene to your bathroom. Before you decide to bypass this service in favor of a thorough and time-consuming mopping, here are six benefits to calling us instead:

  • Restore hygiene: When toilets overflow or sewage backs up into your basement, you are basically facing everything that people flushed into the sewer. Needless to say, this is not hygienic or healthful to your household or business location. Over-the-counter anti-bacterial cleansers may restore some hygiene to your bathroom or basement, but they are often not as strong or effective as commercial products. You can assure these germs get killed and your bathroom is a clean and safe place again by calling in a professional to clean it.
  • Reduce chance of illness: Microorganisms are one biological hazard of toilet overflows, as are diseases that spread through waste. Leptospirosis, hepatitis A, tetanus and E coli can all emerge from toilet incidents. If you have someone in your household who is immune-compromised, these present as particularly dangerous. Rather than take the risk of errant bacteria landing your loved one in the hospital, consider overflow service instead.
  • Avoid premises hazards: Besides the dangers you cannot see, there are also those that you will notice right away. Water buildup on your floor is a slip-and-fall hazard, which can prove especially dangerous if your toilet overflow happened at your place of business. Even if you avoid liability for any injuries that result, you can lose productivity if it is one of your employees who is injured. Arranging for us to come in and clean up the mess removes this danger as well as the biological hazards.
  • Prevent mold growth: If moisture gets under your floorboards and is not dried out sufficiently, you risk mold. It can take as little as 48 hours for mold to develop and become a danger to the respiratory health of household residents or workers. This shows that you not only need a thorough cleaning after a toilet overflow, but also the commercial equipment that helps dry floors thoroughly.
  • Avoid electrocution: This is a little-known risk arising from toilets overflowing. Since water conducts electricity, you risk electrocution if it encounters any wires below the floor. We recommend that you shut the power off when you discover an overflowing toilet, and then call us to clean up the mess. Our workers have flashlights and other light sources to assure that the mess is addressed without facing this danger.
  • No toxic fume exposure: Fumes produced by toilet overflows include hydrogen sulfide and methane. In addition to these being toxic gases, they are also very flammable. This is especially dangerous if your bathroom is in a small and enclosed area of your building with no windows. Do not use lighters in the area or any tools that could cause the gases to ignite.

Premier Carpet Care & Water Damage Restoration offers toilet overflow service in Union, MO, in addition to our wood floor and carpet cleaning services. Call us today if a sewage event makes your home feel less hospitable.

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