Five Benefits of Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Union, MO

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Your once brand-new couch may now have a faded appearance and broken-in appeal. Although you may be accustomed to it and feel you should wait until it is worn enough to require replacement, you do not need to settle for that situation. Instead, consider upholstery cleaning in Union, MO and restore its original look. Here are five unexpected benefits our customers discover after their couches, chairs and other cloth furniture undergo professional cleaning:

  • Reduced allergens: Even in the winter, there are still allergens. They may not come in from outside, but if you have pets, there can be hair or dander buildup. Dust also accumulates all year round. Once you have these irritating elements cleaned from your furniture, it is likely people will sneeze less or experience fewer asthma attacks. Vacuuming works if you do it frequently enough, but sometimes your furniture requires deep cleaning that only a good shampoo and professional equipment can handle.
  • Eliminate skin irritation: Nasal allergies are common when allergens build up in upholstered surfaces. This is also true of skin irritation. Dust mites love your upholstery and lie in wait for the next human they can irritate. They can cause you, your family members and guests dry spots and other conditions that lead to discomfort and alarm. Many people will not make the association between your furniture and the skin problem, which is good for avoiding embarrassment. However, the best response is prevention so no one faces this discomfort in the first place. Cleaning and steaming will eliminate these troublesome conditions.
  • Stain removal: Furniture takes a beating, especially if it is in front of the TV. Beers spill and food produces crumbs which get ground up into the upholstery. Long days that result in dirty clothes affect your furniture the moment you sit down. Upholstery cleaning removes the surface dirt as well as the ground-in stains. People are frequently pleasantly surprised by how many “impossible” stains disappear with our efforts!
  • Less embarrassment: If you dread having guests over because your furniture seems unsanitary, that feeling will go away after we come in. Even unexpected guests will be less of an issue since your furniture will be clean and ready for them. Never underestimate the feeling of pride that is restored to your home when furniture and carpets are clean. It will improve your perspective and make visitors feel more welcome.
  • Odor removal: Dirt and stains are not only unsightly—they leave odors behind, too. When pets hang out in your home and outdoor activities bring in debris, the upholstery absorbs the smells of these elements. These emanate through your home, and you will face difficulty tracking down the source of these odors because it may not occur to you that they come from your furniture. Many people realize that, after upholstery cleaning, their entire home seems much fresher.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of upholstery cleaning in Union, MO, contact Premier Carpet Care & Water Damage Restoration. Our odor removal and long-lasting results will make you wonder why you did not call us sooner!

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